Going Back Is The Best Way Forward

You know when I’ve brought out another new album, because all of a sudden there’s a new blog – and here it is!
Yes, the new album, entitled ‘THE BIRTH OF GRAHAM GRAHAM BECK’, sprang forth on October 13th (2023). For once, it’s not new material, but songs (and a few instrumentals) from the 1980s, when I was much-younger and keen to ‘get out there’ into the music world. Full of ‘Synth Pop’ and some ‘New Wave’ bravado, the 23 tracks seem to have stood the test of time, I think. You can hear my eagerness/energetic approach to musical life, particularly in the live recordings (when I was in the band, Penguin Fury, with Kilburn And The High Roads bass player, Charlie Sinclair).
It’s been good to ‘relive’ the 1980s, when my Graham Graham Beck persona started to develop, and realising that I always need to challenge myself in the approach to writing/recording songs that sound (fairly) fresh and exciting… and a bit different. I’m not trying to emulate the 80s, as they’ve come-and-gone, but just keeping the spirit of those times – I don’t want to head down the MOR route! Bringing out this album, apart from being a bit of a stop-gap, has helped me think about how far I’ve come since those ‘innocent days’. I’m still here doing what I do, and surprisingly, people still seem to enjoy it – whilst picking up a whole new younger audience. Nice!

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