Well, here we go, then………………..

I suppose the title of this first blog should have read, ‘Well, here I go then……’, but I’m assuming that this is going to be more than a one-sided journey through a forest of words – at least I hope it’s not just going to be one-sided! It would be nice to think that someone out there comes across this first, & hopefully future, blog(s), reads it, &………Well, gets something from it (a bit of enjoyment, or a slight diversion from LIFE – a natural break, a breather etc. etc.). We – & there I go again with that ‘we’ – all need to be able to re-charge ourselves every once in a while, to allow us to face the inevitable reality that lies outside our front doors (I apologise if you live in a high-rise flat or apartment, as your front door will probably be a communal lobby door, or some such-like). Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, & hopefully there is a point to all this waffle, there’s nothing harder than writing a first blog!

Hope none/any of you are hoping to gain some knowledge from this ‘intro-blog’, as it’ll end up being more of an insight into me, than about the big wide world or global politics – & I’d rather that the case.

So, if you’ve got this far, you’ll probably realise that there’s nothing deep, or hidden in here. It’s just me writing my first blog. Please go easy on me!

Anyway, thanks for spending a couple of minutes reading this, & I hope you go away feeling slightly refreshed, & ready to take on whatever it is you’re about to take on. Me, well I’m about to turn off the record deck (yes, I still have one of ‘those’), the lights in my studio, & go out of my front door & face what I’ve just been writing about………

I like visuals, so here’s a random image.

Hair loss advert

They don’t make ads like this any more – & probably for good reason.

Footnote: Thanks Rebecca for suggesting I start a blog. You have no idea what you’ve started!

Footnote 2: Also, thanks to Sunshine Gray for the header photo.

6 thoughts on “Well, here we go, then………………..

    • Thanks Steph. That’s the hardest piece of work I’ve ever written – & I’m not even a writer! Always been someone who listens to the music & not necessarily the words. This could be a whole new world opening up to me.

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