Performing 'Dark Knight On A Light Evening' @ Pave, Hull.

Art — Performance



(Ground Gallery, Beverley Rd., Hull - 23.1.17)

As part of an evening of spoken word, poetry, 'trombone poetry' (courtesy of Paul Taylor) & sound exploration, I performed four sample-based pieces. These were 'HipHopSkipJump', Action Man With A Giraffe'S Head', 'Plinky-Plonky' & 'The Bingo Caller From Hell'.




(Pave, Princes Ave., Hull - 24.6.08.)


As part of the Hull Literature Festival 2008, I took part in an evening of poetry, improvised music & sound. I performed a structured solo piece, based on combining both the Batman & The Archers theme tunes -improvising with samples, along with assorted dialogue from both shows, & using the presence of a Theremin to 'enhance the experience' (see photo). Between the various performances, 'The Spoken Word' - see 'Sound' page for details - was played to break the silence(s).





(Hull Art Lab – 24.5.05.)

The title: 'Mangling The Classics Whilst Miming To A Jimi Hendrix Number On A Totally Unsuitable Instrument For The Period'.

The idea: Using opposites - Classical against Rock, hi-tech against lo-tech & analogue against digital - I played (from CD) an overlaid 3 minute pre-recorded mix of electronically-processed/mangled, classical pieces that included: 'Excursions, Op. 20' ( Un Poco Allegro) by Samuel Barber; 'Concerto in G Minor' ( Allegro) by Georg Fredrich Handel; 'Five Bagatelles, Op. 23a' ( Prelude : Allegro Deciso) by Gerald Finzi.

At the same time, I mimed to 'Long Hot Summer Night' by Jimi Hendrix (on a personal hi-fi) using a Roland SH-101 synth - giving a visual, & possibly (hopefully?) embarassing flavour to the 3 minute performance.

Movement was added to the performance, via my ‘playing’, facial expressions & my own particular type of dancing – trying to interpret the Hendrix number. The dancing is at odds with the music heard by the audience, but it somehow gels, as if it is a strange kind of downmarket ballet. All three 'Allegro' movements, had been chosen because of their three-minute lengths.

The technology: The classical pieces have been mixed digitally, & distorted by analogue means – including a 'Cry Baby' Wah-Wah pedal (the same type used by Jimi Hendrix).

Please note: I was not held responsible for my prancing about!



(Hull Screen, Central Library, Hull - 28th June 2004)

An evening of work, based on an imaginary local author, poet & playwright, S.W. Holmes. I took part in an improvised piano & voice piece, that used poetry & spontaneous playing. It was performed in front of an audience, & was one of the events for the Hull Literature Festival 2004.