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strangeness in the ordinary

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About me...

'MAN OF HEADS' (as described by the great ARTHUR BROWN - The Crazy World Of...), & 'that bloke from the telly'...You know, the one that sang, ACTION MAN WITH A GIRAFFE'S HEAD, on ITV2's BRITAIN'S GOT MORE TALENT!

"Captain Beefheart, Half Man Half Biscuit & Frank Sidebottom, all rolled into one." - (TOM ROBINSON - Musician & BBC 6 MUSIC presenter)

'If Neil Hannon was replaced in the Divine Comedy by Frank Sidebottom this is what it might have sounded like.' - MORE ABOUT THE DEVIL (blogger for emerging talent - GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL)

The second of (possibly) FOUR(!) 2021 albums, released June 14th - 'ALPHONSO & HIS DINING ROOM HAPPENING'. The (fictional) backing band of GGB have recorded an album of (un)easy listening tunes for your delight. It's a mix of dancehall-style arrangements, with an electronic 'edge' that shouldn't really work...Maybe it doesn't?! From Latin-American to disco, nothing is sacred, unfortunately. Sit back, have a sip of your sweet sherry & relax...

My stage act blurs the boundaries between music, visual performance & comedy. The songs bring out the 'strangeness' in 'the ordinary'. Just one man, one voice (you'll be lucky if you get any more than that) & his home keyboard...& some (cardboard) stage props. I write BIG songs about the small, but important, things in life, such as biscuits, packaging, The Batman, Godzilla, bathroom suites, monkeys, Slush Puppies...Where would we be without them? No subject is too small to be BIG. I think I'll adopt that as my next catch-phrase!

The catchy sing-a-long tunes are catchy (in a strange way), & range from Synth-Pop, Rock & Dance (Disco/Techno), Jazz, through to Latin American & even Big Band - & all from just ONE bloke! Predictably unpredictable, family-friendly & entertaining (so I've been told). I have been described as Music Hall, Surreal, funny, different, unique, 'subverting the ordinary' & 'a mature punk'. I'm probably all of those, but with a dash of Bonzo Dog Do-Dah Band meets Frank Sidebottom, via Dave Brubeck, The Tubes, Devo, Eno, Max Wall, John Shuttleworth, Fad Gadget, Jake Thackray & Arthur Brown. I'm sure there are more...

Gigs coming up...& Quotes:

Having just completed a series of live video performance streams during lockdown ('AT HOME WITH GRAHAM GRAHAM BECK') - all available on my YouTube channel - I'm gradually building up a few LIVE DATES around the country. Due to recent world events, all dates are tentative at the moment. There will doubtless be other gigs on their way, but please go to the 'Gigs' tab for extra info.





Please get in touch if you'd like me to play (I'm very friendly & approachable...Honest!). House/garden concerts are welcome.

ALL MY ALBUMS (from 2012 onwards) are NOW AVAILABLE from the website 'shop', BANDCAMP & most other major DIGITAL PLATFORMS, including Amazon Music, Deezer, iTunes, Spotify etc..


- TOM ROBINSON (BBC6MUSIC) - "THE MISSING SINK, I think is a work of absolute genius!"...TOM ROBINSON (again) - "That was a slice of sonic insanity from Graham Graham Beck. So odd, they named him twice."...& a third TOM ROBINSON - "I can't believe more people have'nt played him on the radio!".

- DAVID WALLIAMS (Judge on BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT) - "Even by my standards of weirdness, I found that very weird!"

- STEPHEN MULHERN (host of BRITAIN'S GOT MORE TALENT, game show host & comedian) - "I like this man!"

PLEASE NOTE: I am my own tribute band.

Albums & other stuff...

Yes, I WAS on ITV2's BRITAIN'S GOT MORE TALENT, two years running (2018 & 2019)! I'm not always understood. The audience were on my side - & for 2019's appearance, David Walliams & Alesha Dixon didn't buzz me off. So, that's progress!

I've had a few songs broadcast on TOM ROBINSON'S 'AFTER HOUR', & they've been featured on the BBC6MUSIC MIXTAPE. They've also been on BBC6Music & BBC Introducing playlists.

There's a (very) short documentary about me, that appeared on BBC NEWS Online (& BBC's LOOK NORTH) recently. Here's the link: I've also played live sessions on Alan Raw's 'BBC Introducing' (Radio Humberside), & performed at the HULL COMEDY FESTIVAL (Nov. 2019) - which went down well, & I didn't have to change my normal set at all!...What does that tell you? I believe there will be more comedy gigs coming up in future.

From my first solo album, 'MENU - TAKEAWAY' (2012), through to 'ALPHONSO & HIS DINING ROOM HAPPENING' (JUNE 2021), can be bought via the 'Buy' tab, with digital versions also available (at ridiculously low prices) on my Bandcamp page, as well as from all major digital platforms (iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, etc.). There is also an 'ambient side project' entitled, 'SOUNDS FROM THE TENFOOT' (May 2018) which can be purchased as a digital download (& even more ridiculously cheap!). There's other merchandise available at gigs (when they happen, that is), including badges, keyrings, fridge magnets, t-shirts (can be posted - email me if interested), & of course CD albums plus more items on their way ...Ooohh, there's so many goodies!!


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