About me...

'MAN OF MANY HEADS' (as described by the great Arthur Brown, who I've supported three times), & 'that bloke from the telly' (...You know, the weird one that got buzzed-off BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT!)

My stage act blurs the boundaries between music & visual performance. The songs bring out the 'strangeness' in 'the ordinary'. Just one man, one voice (you'll be lucky if you get any more than that) & his home keyboard...& some (cardboard) stage props. I write BIG songs about the small, but important, things in life, such as biscuits, packaging, The Batman, Godzilla, bathroom suites & monkeys - to name but a few. No subject is too small to be BIG. I think I'll adopt that as my next catch-phrase!

The hummable/sing-a-long tunes are catchy, dancey, & range from Pop, Rock & Dance, through to Latin American & Big Band - & all from just ONE bloke! Predictably unpredictable, family-friendly & entertaining (so I've been told). I have been described as Music Hall, Surreal, funny, different, unique, 'subverting the ordinary' & 'a mature punk'. I'm probably all of those, but with a dash of Bonzo Dog Do-Dah Band meets John Shuttleworth, via Dave Brubeck, Frank Sidebottom, Eno, Max Wall, Jake Thackray & Arthur Brown.

Yes, I WAS on BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT, but I'm not sure that the judges panel were on the same wavelength! I've recently featured on TOM ROBINSON'S MIXTAPE & his show for BBC6MUSIC, with songs ACTION MAN WITH A GIRAFFE'S HEAD, HIPHOPSKIPJUMP & A QUIET EVENING IN. They're on BBC6Music & BBC Introducing playlists, along with CARDBOARD IS KING, & more recently, LOFTUS ERECTUS INTERRUPTUS. I also played a live session on Alan Raw's BBC Introducing in April (2017).

The latest album, 'LEISURE LAND' (Oct. 2017), IS STILL AVAILABLE! You can buy it, & other albums, via the 'Buy' tab, or digital versions are available (at a ridiculously low price) on my Bandcamp page. The links are above. There is also a recent release, an 'ambient side project' entitled, 'SOUNDS FROM THE TENFOOT' (May 2018) which is also available as a digital download (& even more ridiculously cheap!) from Bandcamp...Ooohh, there's so many goodies!!

Gigs & things coming up....

QUOTES: DAVID WALLIAMS (Judge on BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT) - "Even by my standards of wierdness, I found that very weird!"...TOM ROBINSON (BBC6MUSIC) - "...That was a slice of sonic insanity from Graham Graham Beck. So odd, they named him twice".

Gigs coming @: KARDOMAH94, Hull (24th Nov.)...BBC INTRODUCING, Radio Humberside (broadcast 24th Nov. - interview to promote new album, with Alan Raw)...FILEY FOLK FESTIVAL (May 2019)...COTTINGHAM SPRINGBOARD MUSIC FESTIVAL (May 2019). Go to the 'Gigs' tab for extra info.

The NEW ALBUM IS OUT! ...Yes, it's here, & it's there!! NO GIGS 'TIL FILEY is available to buy from the online store, & MP3s from my Bandcamp page. 14 tracks of wonderfulness!

CHRISTMAS SINGLE to be released: On 1st December, 'EVERYTIME I LOOK INTO YOUR EYES IT'S CHRISTMAS' can be dowmloaded as a FREE mp3 single. Amaze your friends! Puzzle relatives!! ...& possibly donate 50p for a Hull Homeless Charity. More info soon. 

I appeared in an article about Hull's 'Musical Hertitage' (& I've never seen myself as heritage material before!), which included 'HUMBERSIDE'S TOP TEN'...& at the number 10 spot was my song, 'FIG ROLL OVERKILL'!! 

PLEASE NOTE: I am my own tribute band.

Art & such like...

Video, audio work, sound installation/soundscapes, drawing, painting...& Life Drawing sessions

This is my 'other side', & I suppose it's what I trained for all those years ago at art college. I rarely produce drawings & paintings now, but I am always producing, & exploring, particularly the 'ambient side' of my work...& when it comes to stage props & presentation, well, my imagination suddenly takes hold! For more details & artwork, click on the 'Art' & 'Images' drop-down menus.

PRIVATE LIFE DRAWING CLASSES - Thursday mornings @ Skidby Village Hall, Skidby; Friday mornings @ St. Cuthberts Church Hall, Hull (this one is a casual 'drop-in' session). All sessions are from 10:00 am  -  midday. Please contact me for more details. Sessions are on a termly-basis of x10 weeks, that usually fit in with school dates. Email: